A warm welcome to DreamGene.

Our organization brings almost 20 years of experience in Molecular Diagnostics and Life Science on Polish and European markets. Our goal is to provide our Customers with the highest quality products for DNA analysis as well as professional advice and support.

We are an exclusive distributor of premium FISH probes from USA based company – CYTOTEST

These unique FISH probes, feature premium quality of hybridization / fluorescence, resulting in unrivalled ease of signal counting and interpretation. They are CE Marked according to IVD Directive, ready to use (suspended in hybridization buffer) and conveniently packed in 10 test (100 ul) vials. Finally we can offer highly competitive pricing comparing to other vendors on the market.

Currently we offer more than 300 premium quality, ready FISH probes.

Additionally, CytoTest is able to design and manufacture any custom probes, according to your needs.

Apart from the probes we offer all necessary FISH accessories and equipment.

While maintaining the highest product quality, we offer very competitive prices comparing to other vendors on the market.

For any additional information please visit the manufacturer’s website:


or look through the electronic version of CytoTest FISH probes catalogue.


We cordially invite you to collaborate.

With best regards,

Tomasz Czerski – founder / owner